World War I Selective Service Draft Registration Index, Macomb County, Michigan

This index was created from National Archives microfilm of the World War I Selective Service Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, for Macomb County, Michigan, M1509, reels 113-114.  These microfilms are available for viewing at Mount Clemens Public Library.

In May, 1917, following the outbreak of World War I in Europe, the Selective Service Act was passed in the United States.  Men in certain age groups were required to register with their local draft boards.  The first registration, in June, 1917, included all men between the ages of 21 and 31.  The second, in June, 1918,  was a supplemental draft for those who had come of age after the first registration.  The third registration included all men ages 18 through 45.

Not all of the men who registered were subsequently drafted or served in the military.  The draft registration cards do not contain any military service information.  However, since they contain name, address and birth date information, they constitute an excellent census of men ages 18-45 at the time of World War I.

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Soundex Surname Given Name Birth date Residence Nearest relative
K425 Klesendorf Merton Frank 03 May 1888 Richmond, MI Klesendorf, John
K425 Klusendorf William Charley 02 Jun 1880 Washington, MI Klusendorf, Mary
K425 Klusendork Edward 17 Feb 1882 Armada, MI Klusendorf, Matilda

This index was created by Kristy Taormina.  The database is maintained by Mount Clemens Public Library.

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