Descendants of Johann "David" (Klüßendorf / Kluessendorf, Klesendorf) Klusendorf

Welcome to the Genealogy pages for Johann "David" (Klüßendorf / Kluessendorf) Klusendorf.

Please note that the original spelling of "Klüßendorf" ("Kluessendorf" - Note: The 'e' after the 'u' was to account for the 'ü'.) has changed over the years to evolve to "Kluesendorf", "Klesendorf" and "Klusendorf".

Dedicated to the memory of my father John Frederick Klusendorf Sr.
who was my biggest inspiration and promoter in the development of this website

and to all of the "Klusendorf" related generations that have come before me.

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